Collection: Bob and Betty Beyster Building

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The University of Michigan        
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Bob and Betty Beyster Building
2260 Hayward Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2121

About this Collection

This collection features Dr. Beyster’s personal memorabilia of the major milestones and contributions of SAIC. Using science to create solutions has always been at the very heart of SAIC’s mission, from its early work in national security to its advancements in the fields of space, healthcare, energy and the environment. By sharing ownership with employees and offering challenging, independent work, the company recruited some of the most noted experts in their fields and won increasingly significant contracts with the US government, international government agencies and the private sector.

Collection Memorabilia Includes:

  • Book: Names, Numbers and Network Solutions: The Monetization of the Internet by Dr. J. Robert Beyster with Michael A. Daniels
  • Book: The SAIC Solution: Built by Employee Owners by Dr. J. Robert Beyster
  • Book: The SAIC Solution: How We Built an $8 Billion Employee-Owned Technology Company by Dr. J. Robert Beyster
  • Equipment: GRiDSE-T Portable Computer Model 1177
    • During the mid-1970s, the US Defense and Intelligence Communities became interested in the opportunity to develop the embryonic microprocessor, flat display and high speed communication technologies into highly mobile signal processing systems and communication networks. The SAI Technology Division of SAIC became a key participant in this activity throughout the 1980s and 1990s, developing a wide variety of such systems for land, sea, air and space applications. As part of this effort, the GRiD Severe Environment and TEMPEST (GRiDSET 1177) military laptop was developed and produced by SAIC in collaboration with GRiD Systems, the pioneering Silicon Valley designer of the first commercial laptop computer.
  • Equipment: The Moisture Meter, 1970
    • This device is one of SAIC’s first product ideas, although it was never marketed. During the first year of operation, it was created to be a “trial” product to help the company get experience with developing, manufacturing, and selling hardware. 
  • Illustration of Dr. Beyster, by Tania R. Warner, 1989
    • Tania R. Warner created this illustration based on a drawing that hung outside Dr. Beyster’s office for 20 years. The original depicted Dr. Beyster pointing in a direction with a crowd of employees moving in the opposite direction. This updated illustration again features Dr. Beyster pointing in a direction, but the artist intentionally portrays the crowd of employees as a more diverse population moving in various directions—with some moving in the direction of Dr. Beyster’s vision—signifying progress in employee ownership. Beneath Dr. Beyster is the new SAIC building in La Jolla, California, a symbol of the company’s success over 20 years. Note Dr. Beyster’s white socks, the little notepad he always carried in his pocket and his standard blue blazer. As the company expanded, Dr. Beyster adapted to a changing environment, but many things about him did not change; like his preferred fashion choices and work habits, his passion and vision for employee ownership remained the same.  
  • Diagram of Companies formed by SAIC Alumni
  • Forbes magazine cover featuring Dr. Beyster and the “Spread-the-Wealth Management” Philosophy
  • Fortune magazine certificate featuring SAIC as a member of The Fortune 500
  • Glass Memento: Network Solutions Class A Common Stock – September 26, 1997
  • Glass Memento: Network Solutions Class A Common Stock – February 8, 1999
  • Glass Memento: Network Solutions Merger with VeriSign – June 8, 2000
  • Glass Memento: Network Solutions/Verisign listing all of dot coms
  • Glass Memento: SAIC Acquisition of Bellcore – November 1997
  • Glass Memento: SAIC Sale of SAI Technology Division to Litton Industries – March 1997
  • Glass Memento: Telcordia Technologies Sale of Air Boss to Geoworks – July 2000
  • JP Morgan Certificate
  • Framed original certificate showing SAIC as the largest equity offering in history
  • SAIC Acquisitions listing
  • SAIC’s 1969 Annual Report
  • SAIC’s First $1 Billion Contract, 1988
    • In 1988, following a two-year competitive bid process, the Department of Defense (DoD) awarded SAIC its first billion dollar contract to develop and deliver the Composite Health Care System (CHCS), one of the largest medical information systems in the world. The system supported 77,000 active users with 134,000 daily encounters at 63 military hospitals and about 800 military clinics. SAIC completed the project within the 8-year schedule and $1.1 billion budget. The CHCS improved health care for military users by coordinating electronically the many hospital departments, such as appointment scheduling, pharmacy, radiology, laboratory, nursing, etc., so that patients and health care providers had access to common, unified information. The system remains in use today as the foundation for the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Applications (AHLTA), the DoD’s current electronic health record.
  • SAIC Stock Price History
  • US Patent: Multichannel Digital Photometer