2018 Fellow

Matt Bartos

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Matt Bartos is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and a member of the Real-Time Water Systems Lab. As a Beyster Fellow, he is working to build a new generation of smart stormwater systems that use real-time sensing and control to mitigate flooding, reduce runoff pollution, and save human lives. Matt’s research combines embedded systems design, high-performance hydrologic modeling, and modern advances in signal processing to solve the world’s most pressing water challenges.
While pursuing a Ph.D., Matt has simultaneously completed master's degrees in both Civil and Electrical Engineering. Some of his recent research projects include (i) the development of an open-source hardware and software stack for real-time sensing and control of water infrastructure, (ii) a new method for measuring rainfall that combines radar measurements with windshield wiper measurements from connected vehicles, (iii) an algorithm for optimal placement of hydraulic structures, and (iv) a wide-area flash flood monitoring network in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that combines real-time sensor data with high-resolution hydrologic models to better predict, geolocate and communicate flood risks.