2017 Fellow

Sambit Das

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Sambit Das is a fifth year Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Computational Materials Physics Group led by Professor Vikram Gavini.

The team’s research lies at the intersection of quantum-mechanics, material science and high performance computing. Sambit’s dissertation research focuses on large-scale quantum-mechanical calculations of material defects known as dislocations in light-weight metals such as aluminum and magnesium. His recent studies in aluminum [1] have uncovered unique quantum-mechanical effects at the core of the dislocation, and the important role they play in dislocation-dislocation interactions. This can significantly influence macro-scale material response, which he is currently investigating. He is also studying dislocations in magnesium, with the aim of providing recommendations to develop high strength magnesium alloys for applications in the automotive sector leading to lighter vehicles. 

[1] Das, S., and Gavini, V., Electronic structure study of screw dislocation core energetics in Aluminum and core energetics informed forces in a dislocation aggregate, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 104, 115-143, 2017.