2020 Fellow

Sean T. Kelly

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Sean T. Kelly is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, working in the Epureanu Research Group. His research focuses on developing novel data-driven reduced-order models for turbomachinery bladed disks, or blisks, which can accurately predict forced response vibration amplitudes and estimate system parameters in operating conditions. These models aim to have sufficient adaptability and robustness to capture dominant effects in multi-harmonic dynamics exhibited by blisks with contact nonlinearities and mistuning in a reduced-order space. His current work focuses on improving the data-driven models he has developed for large blisk finite element models with mistuning, as well as expanding the developed models to blisks containing nonlinear friction interfaces. The developed models aim to include both computational and experimental data, while also taking advantage of the rotational periodicity of blisks to significantly reduce the amount of required data compared to a full wheel method.