2021 Fellow

Brooke Mason

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Brooke E. Mason is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, working in the Real-Time Water Systems Lab. In addition, she is pursuing an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In the era of the self-driving car, her goal is to bring the same technologies to water and environmental conservation. Specifically, she is focused on reducing stormwater pollution, which is recognized as one of our greatest environmental and social challenges. Some of her recent projects include (i) the development of a water quality computational toolchain for testing water quality-based, real-time control strategies; (ii) using the new toolchain chain to test water quality-based, real-time control strategies on a stormwater pond in Ann Arbor, Michigan; (iii) using lessons learned from the single pond experiment to develop a systems framework to control water quality in real-time at the watershed scale; and (iv) the design and installation of an open-source stormwater infrastructure sensing network to monitor flooding in Detroit, Michigan.

Outside of research, Brooke is a founding member of Open-Storm.org, an open-source consortium dedicated to freely sharing hardware, software, and case studies on smart water systems. In her department, she serves as a peer mentor, a member of the Graduate Student Advisory Council, and a member of CEDAR, a student group working on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Outside of UM, she is a mentor with Clean Water Science Network, which facilitates a mentorship program between undergraduate students from Latin America and graduate students in the United States.